Season 4

October 24 2017
Atma Nambi
Enlightened Master

October 31st 2017
Arturus Ra
As Seen On YouTube
Starseed Ambassador

November 7th 2017
Viviane Chavet
Hybrid/Chanel/Holographic Healer

November 14 2017
Tricia McCannon
Author/Mysteries Expert

November 21 2017
Kathleen Marden
Leading UFO researcher, author and lecturer
Expert on Betty & Barney Hill case


Season 3

September 16 2016
Linda West
Author/Medium/Life Coach

October 21 2016
Patty Greer
Filmmaker of Crop Circle Diaries

November 4 2016
Sharilyn Stalling
Author/Past Live Healer

November 11 2016
Linda Godfrey
Author of Monsters Among Us - An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals & Other Odd Phenomena

November 18 2016
Clark Datchler
Singer/ Songwriter Johnny Hates Jazz & Solo work. Humanitarian, Environmentalist.

Season 2

May 13 2016
Maureen McGill
Author of 'Baby It's You' and 'Live From the Other Side' / Intuitive Medium

May 20 2016
Garnet Schulhauser (first hour)
Author of 'Dancing on a Stamp', 'Dancing Forever with Spirit', 'Dance of Heavenly Bliss'

May 27 2016
Barbara Lamb
Hypnotherapist Expert in ET and Multidimensional Communication /Author of 'Crop Circles Revealed'

June 17
Susun Weed

July 1
Brien Foerster
Expert on Hidden history and the Paracas skulls

July 8
Jeri Lee

July 15
David Marler
Author/ UFO investigator

August 5
Jeff Willes
UFO Hunter

Season 1

Angle and Eric Brodsky
Author of Poetry of the Angels and spiritual therapists
Archive Date: 24-Oct-2015

Sherry Wilde
Author of 'The Forgotten Promise" (Alien Abductee)
Archive Date: 05-Dec-2015

Clark Datchler
Lead singer of Johnny Hates Jazz, songwriter/producer/solo artist
Archive Date: 17-Jan-2016

Sadie Turner
Author of Anomalies
Archive Date 26-Mar-2016